Neogene Therapeutics

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Neogene Therapeutics: Pioneering the development of next-generation, fully individualized engineered T cells therapies for a broad spectrum of cancers. Neogene’s engineered T cells target mutated proteins, or neo-antigens, found in cancer cells as a consequence of cancer-associated DNA mutations. Neo-antigens render tumor cells vulnerable to detection by T cells. Neogene’s proprietary technology platform aims to identify TCR genes with specificity for neo-antigens from tumor biopsies. Neogene’s novel approach intends to deliver a tailored set of TCR genes for each individual patient, which will be engineered into patient-derived T cells directing them toward neo-antigens in tumor cells, with the goal of providing a fully individualized engineered T cell therapy for cancer. The Company raised a $110M Series A financing co-led by EcoR1 Capital, Jeito Capital and Syncona, with participation from Polaris Partners, Pontifax, Seed investors, Vida Ventures, TPG and Two River.
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Company Participants at Solebury Trout 1x1 Management Access Event 2022

  • Carsten Linnemann, PhD, CEO