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Orum: Orum Therapeutics is an oncology company with an initial focus of targeted protein degradation. Orum has a novel and proprietary next generation targeted protein degradation platform, AnDC (Antibody neoDegrader Conjugate), that enables tumor specific targeting for multiple indications. Orum's two lead pipeline products, ORM-5029 in solid tumor and ORM-6151 in blood cancer, are currently in the IND-enabling stage and are expected to file IND in 2022 and 2023, respectively. Strong R&D team with industry veterans in mAb/ADC discovery and physics based modeling provides Orum with an unmatched R&D engine to discover and develop multiple platforms with pipeline products with precision and speed.
Biotech Company
Based in...
North America
United States

Company Participants at Fall Private Company Showcase 2021

  • Jae Won Kim, CFO
  • SJ Lee, CEO