Solebury Trout Talks: Interview with Richard Andrews, Azitra - Part of the NameTag Series




Mr. Andrews has spent most of his career as a C level executive leading operations, finance, and commercial and clinical development for biotechnology firms focused on new products that address inflammatory disease. Mr. Andrews has been instrumental in translating research and academic discoveries into product development and advanced clinical programs, building alliances and partnerships and organizing operational teams. Financing processes led by Mr. Andrews have secured over $130M in equity funding for new ventures. His work has been primarily focused on skin disease, pneumonia, infant hypoxic ischemia and kidney failure. Early in his career, Mr. Andrews led the commercialization of several natural cell systems to prevent disease on fruits and vegetables and launched several DNA diagnostic tests for periodontal disease. Mr. Andrews received graduate degrees in physical biochemistry (MS), and technology management (SM) from Purdue University, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, respectively. He also has an undergraduate degree in Chemistry (BS) from Hobart College.